Sean Seidell

Everything began in 2013 with a block of cheese.  I knew nothing about Wensleydale and at $17 per pound I wanted some understanding of what Wensleydale is like before purchasing a cheese of unknown characteristics.  I was curious so I started studying the high identifying traits of cheeses.  It was fascinating.  I wanted to share what I’d learned in an easy to use manner that could be immediately applied and decided to try my hand at creating infographics.  I’d studied art and dabbled as a graphic designer from time to time.  The idea of combining science with art was captivating.

The path from Art to Data Visualization and IT may not sound likely but there is some logic to it.  The success of the infographics artwork led to creating digital eCommerce platforms to sell Digital and Physical copies of art.  eCommerce led to software and development.  Software development led to server management and network systems administration.

To separate the artist from the engineer would be incomplete.  The two parts joined creates the whole.

I am grateful to have had my work recognized and featured by organizations such as Popular Science, Fast Company, Taschen Publishing, Huffington Post, The United Kingdom Cheese Board, the Canadian Culinary Institute, Fuchs North America, and more.